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Posted on 02/28 by Erin Helms

Have you been scouring the job boards looking for better construction jobs? You know great jobs are out there. You’ve seen the postings and submitted your application and resume, but the response has been disappointing—when there is a response at all. Lowball offers, automatic replies stating the position has already been filled, and the frustration of sending out applications and getting no response can make you wonder if there is a better way to find construction jobs. There is—working with a construction temp agency can help you take your career to the next level. Recruiters for construction jobs are experts in the industry, the current job market, and what it takes to succeed in your field. They have a direct line to hiring managers and can get your application to the top of the pile. Having a construction recruiter in your corner is like having a career advocate championing you for the best construction jobs. Unlike when you’re working alone, you’ll always know where you stand in the hiring process and where to find excellent options.

4 Benefits of Working with a Recruiter for Construction Jobs

Consider the following benefits of partnering with a construction and skilled trades temp agency:

#1. Construction Recruiters Have Close Ties with Hiring Managers

Whether you’re looking for your first construction job or you’ve been working in the industry for years, recruiters for construction jobs can help you find roles that match your skills, experience, and interests. They have longstanding relationships with employers and hiring managers who trust them to deliver qualified, hardworking talent like you. The best construction job recruiters know who is hiring and who will be hiring soon, and they can get your name on the list for exclusive job opportunities that won’t be advertised through traditional channels. By working with a recruiter, you will learn about great job opportunities faster and speed through the hiring process. Instead of submitting your application online, a construction recruiter can share your information directly with hiring managers, connecting you with people in charge of making hiring decisions, and helping you stand out against the competition.

#2. Recruiters Help with Resume Cleanup and Provide Interview Tips

If you’ve been wondering why your job applications aren’t getting a response, it could be your resume. A construction recruiter will work with you to customize your resume with keywords to make it appeal to both humans and Applicant Tracking System Software. You’ll work together to ensure that your application materials reflect your skills and abilities in a compelling way, maximizing the chance of a job offer. Recruiters for construction jobs work for you; their job is to help you find a new position, so they’ll do whatever it takes to help you succeed. If your interview skills are rusty, your recruiter will help you prepare knowledgeable answers to common interview questions, building your confidence and communication skills. Need help researching a prospective employer? Your recruiter can point you in the right direction and can likely share information about company operations, culture, and work environment. Not sure what to wear? Your recruiter will have suggestions for that, too, sending you into your appointment looking and feeling like the best candidate for the job.

#3. Better Understanding of the Construction Industry

As a construction industry expert, your recruiter may have career advancement suggestions you haven’t considered. By taking a wider look at the opportunities available in your field, your recruiter may be able to help you build your skills or your career in one of the following ways: Negotiate higher compensation. Since construction recruiters work within the industry every day, they know what employers are paying and can help you negotiate the highest compensation for your desired job. Suggest better jobs. Stuck in a rut but not sure what’s the next step up the career ladder? A construction recruiter can match your skills, experience, and interests to fantastic opportunities. Since they already have relationships with the employers, they’ve likely visited the job site, met the team, and understand the company culture. Their insight into the company and the job requirements can help you make better-informed decisions about which offer is right for you. Build skills for advancement. Looking to climb the career ladder? An experienced construction recruiter can help you find a job that matches your current skills—and identify jobs that will help you grow your skill set for more advanced, higher-paying roles. Advance your career. Your relationship with a construction recruiter doesn’t end after you accept an offer. They will keep in touch with you to ensure everything is going as expected. If desired, they will keep an eye out for future opportunities, using their connections to help you advance your career.

#4. Find Temporary or Permanent Construction Jobs with a Recruiter

Versatility is one of the most valuable benefits of working with a construction temp agency. Many job seekers believe construction temp agencies can only help them find temporary work, but companies also use construction recruiters to help them fill highly-specialized permanent roles on their teams. If you have an advanced skill set or are looking for a full-time construction management role, a construction recruiter can work with you to find a direct hire position that matches your goals and interests. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job to make extra income, a full-time role for a short period of time, or a long-term position to advance your career, a construction recruiter can tap into their established network of industry connections to find you a great job faster.

Connect with a Temp Agency for Construction Workers to Find Your Ideal Job Opportunity

As one of the top construction and skilled trades staffing agencies in the nation, LaborMAX can connect you with top employers offering the compensation, job safety, and flexibility you deserve. By partnering with a construction recruiter, you’ll gain access to rewarding jobs that fit your skills, interests, and experience and a career advocate who will help you advance your career. Looking to expand your skill set to qualify for higher-paying positions? We can help you choose jobs based on what they can teach you—and then help you leverage those skills to climb the career ladder. You’ll gain experience while earning a paycheck in jobs that fit your schedule and goals. With more than 132 branches in 33 states nationwide, you don’t have to travel far to get help finding a great construction job. Our recruiters want to know what makes a job rewarding for you, so they can help you find work you’ll enjoy.

Looking for a Construction Job? Begin your Search with LaborMAX!

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