Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Skilled Construction Workers

Posted on 05/30 by Erin Helms

While many aspects of the current economy are riddled with uncertainty, one industry continues to experience massive growth: construction. Even in an unstable housing market, demand for non-residential builds is high, giving many construction companies the manufacturing, retail, and mixed-use projects to keep them profitable. But while this high demand is certainly a plus, it comes with a significant challenge: a persistent skill shortage exacerbated by an increasingly tight labor market. Many construction leaders are scrambling to develop new and improved strategies for not only attracting skilled workers, but preventing them from jumping ship. It’s clear that if this level of demand and competition continues, construction employers will need to focus on recruitment and retention in order to succeed. In this article, the expert team at a construction staffing agency will give employers smart and implementable strategies for recruiting and retaining skilled construction workers. From improved job advertising to thorough training to an emphasis on worker safety, construction leaders can leverage these methods to satisfy their employees, minimize turnover, and meet demand in this exciting industry.

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Turn Rejection Into Your Favor

Posted on 05/25 by Erin Helms

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Job rejection is upsetting, demoralizing and frustrating. It can be difficult to handle rejection and deal with regrettable news. But job rejection is not the time to quit. There are many possible reasons for rejection, so do not take it personally. You can turn rejection in your favor. Read on.

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Beat the Heat: 10 Tips to Stay Cool While Working in the Hot Weather

Posted on 05/18 by Erin Helms