I always get first-rate service, and temps are friendly and do a great job, office staff at your location is awesome. As I have said, LaborMAX Staffing is the only one I am using. Thank you for all you’ll do for me. As always, I thank you for your business.

- Kimber G.

I had met with Mrs. Ashlynn and shortly after made the switch over to LaborMAX and have been thoroughly pleased with the staff and quality workers they have sent my way! I even had a very quick and hassle-free time getting a gentleman transferred over from a previously used temp agency. In short, I am very glad to have made the switch and look forward to using LaborMAX in the years to come!

- Michael V.

This letter is written to inform you about fine customer service and care that we have received from LaborMAX management and the staff in Charlottesville, VA. This good experience has been provided on more than one occasion, and we have utilized the locally managed services of LaborMAX over the years in the course of our work. We have had a great working relationship and entrusted LaborMAX with some of our staffing needs that have arose. Wendy Ford-Brown and Robin Morris consistently have assisted us in our staffing needs. The experience has been overall a positive one. We have received hardworking reliable workers each time we have requested them from right here within our community. Regarding a request for a reference, I would give nothing but positive feedback with regards to LaborMAX and their ability to assist companies with their staffing needs.

- Casey C.

It has been a pleasure working with LaborMAX Staffing. The friendly, professional staff has been extremely helpful in recruiting positions for our company. We have had the opportunity to offer full-time employment to some of those candidates, as well. We hope to continue our partnership for years to come.

- Isaac M.

Our experience with LaborMAX is a good one! When a need arises that we need to have temporary labor for any of our projects, I am able to send an email request and/or call the office.

- Mike R.

In my world there are three things that define value when working with companies. Price, service and support. I find great value in working with Debbie and her team at the Greeley LaborMAX. Debbie and her people make sure they evaluate the needs for the position and then work to find the right person to fill that need. They look beyond simply a body to do the job and make sure their people “fit” in the environment and personalities of the business they will be working with. I have worked with several staffing agencies over the years and while LaborMAX prices are competitive, it is the service and support Debbie and her team bring that sets them apart. Debbie is always quick to respond, evaluate and quickly resolve the problem to keep our business moving forward.

Any staffing agency can throw bodies at a project. Debbie and her team “partner” with and support you. You can tell they value long-term relationships with the companies they work with.Thank you Debbie and all of your team. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

- Kelvin K.

Worked with LaborMAX on a large project in Charleston, and they were Top Notch! I would recommend them to anyone looking to fill their labor needs!!!

- Russ E.

I have been using temporary labor services for over 9 years. After doing business with Kim and Cody at LaborMAX, I will only use them. They send us quality help at a moment’s notice. The level for professionalism is unmatched.

- Billy M.

LaborMAX and their staff were a crucial part of building a new housekeeping team in our hotel. Jenny and her team listened to our feedback and made the necessary adjustments to get us help from team members with transferable skills. I would highly recommend LaborMAX to others in the industry.

- Zak C.

For several years now, we have been using LaborMAX as our source for temporary staffing. This has proven to be very beneficial for oftentimes our requests are made with little to no notice. What I am most impressed with is how Shannon and her staff accommodate us by going above and beyond our expectations. They also have a thorough understanding of our niche. All in all, the results have been very good. I‘ve also found the experience of working with them to be very professional and cordial. I would highly recommend this branch to any business in the immediate Henderson/Boulder City, NV area seeking temporary staffing.

- Marshall H.

LaborMAX Staffing has been providing us with temporary labor since January of 2014. Our companies have an excellent working relationship. LaborMAX Staffing provides us with first-rate customer service and competitive pricing. We have transitioned several of their temporary employees into our full-time positions, including lead positions. If you are considering using LaborMAX Staffing as your labor provider, they have my highest recommendation.

- Brad B.

NCTC has worked closely with LaborMAX for the last several years to staff our projects with flaggers. Of all the temporary agencies that we have used for this, LaborMAX has been our best performer. (Greeley branch) has earned our trust and loyalty as they continue to exceed our expectations in fulfilling our requests. In our dealing with LaborMAX Greeley, the office personnel are always pleasant and enjoyable to deal with. they make us feel like we are their most valued customer, regardless of how busy they may be.

- Dagan B.

I worked with Tony in the Denver market for eight months. I found him very dedicated, motivated and had tremendous situational awareness that vastly improved our sales and service of not only existing customers but new ones as well. Through Tony’s efforts, our margins improved, and sales increased by 15%. He has a clear understanding of the balance sheets and how to increase the bottom line.

- Tommy R.

I have worked with Tony for about ten years. He provides excellent service and always has your back. He also provides the best pricing and is great to work with. You and your company are always a priority with him. We highly recommend calling Tony if you have any staffing needs.

- Walter W.

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