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Posted on 02/23 by Erin Helms

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Are you in the market for a temporary job? If you want an ally to help make your job search a success, consider LaborMAX. With 132+ branches nationwide, the professional recruiters at LaborMAX have the experience to put you to work. Why sift through job-hunting books, re-write your resume and cover letter to match every position you are interested in, or worry about maintaining your social media profile? Choose LaborMAX for your next temporary job search, and you will get a dedicated specialist handling your resume from start to finish. You can eliminate the guesswork and increase your chances of finding your dream job.

The Team at LaborMAX Are Experts at Finding Jobs

The team at LaborMAX is the expert at finding great jobs. They know your worth and the standard salaries for positions in your area. The staff at LaborMAX are constantly checking resources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics for information regarding current wages and to ensure that you receive fair pay. An agency like LaborMAX has a ton of experience in helping others achieve their career goals. They know when income is too low or exceptionally generous. Do not settle for pay below market rate. Call LaborMAX.

You Are Valued

The professionals at LaborMAX work hard to present you as the ideal fit for employers. The goal of LaborMAX is to convince hiring managers of your value while making it clear that you are the finest candidate for the job. The team looks for skills you might have that others do not, and they highlight these strengths to demonstrate the value you can bring to a company.

Let Them Bargain on Your Behalf

It takes practice and experience to be a successful negotiator. Do you have the vast knowledge it requires? Are you confident that your negotiation skills can land you a salary increase? Let the professionals at LaborMAX negotiate on your behalf. Let them use their years of experience gained through daily negotiations to help you receive the highest possible wage.

Beyond Your Salary

Money is undoubtedly a necessity. However, as the saying goes, it is not everything. When it comes to employment, it is certainly not everything. LaborMAX negotiates perks too! The LaborMAX staff knows that perks directly impact your quality of life, and they deal for you. That employer you want to work for might not be able to offer the salary you are seeking. However, they might provide a competitive benefits package that is a difference maker. So if you want more vacation time or a remote work gig, LaborMAX can help. LaborMAX is ready to help you find a temporary job. Let them put their vast experience to work and help you further your career.

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