How Temp Work Can Lead To Full-Time Success

Posted on 07/11 by Erin Helms

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We all know it’s stressful for many people as companies restructure or lay people off. Being without a job can be scary, especially if you’ve worked in one place for a long time and aren’t sure what to do next. It might be time to consider taking a temporary job to buy yourself some time to figure things out. Consider the following ways in which a temp job can lead to a very successful outcome for your future, financially and in your career.

Temp Jobs Keep You in a Paycheck

Temp jobs are an excellent way to cover your expenses while you figure out your next move. Whether you can work every day or just a few days a week, or prefer day shifts or night shifts, there are temp jobs available at all times. The biggest concern after losing a job is often how to pay for daily living expenses, which are constantly rising. Taking a temp job can be a practical solution to this problem.

You Can Learn a New Skill

Temp jobs are available in many industries, allowing you to either stay in your field or try something new. These jobs are typically for a set duration, such as filling in on a catering team for a three-day conference, joining a construction crew for a month, or helping a cleaning team during an emergency. You can step in, learn from your supervisor, assist a team that needs help, and then move on to your next assignment.

Temp Jobs Limit Employment Gaps

Job interviews often require an updated resume and may include questions about any employment gaps. Working temp jobs while searching for a new career can eliminate these gaps. You can highlight the skills you gained from various temp jobs, showing how they make you a strong candidate for the role you're interested in. Additionally, it demonstrates your initiative and problem-solving abilities, which managers highly value.

A Temp Job Can Lead To Permanent Employment

Companies often seek temporary employees due to budget constraints or to cover long-term absences. These situations can sometimes lead to unexpected opportunities, such as a parent not returning after parental leave or the company finding extra funds to hire full-time. If you've been working at a company, get along well with the team, and impress the manager, you'll be first in line for a permanent position. Temp jobs can act as extended interviews and tryouts, benefiting both you and the company.

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