What Should You Do If The Interview Went Poorly

Posted on 05/15 by Erin Helms

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Not all interviews go smoothly and leave you feeling confident and motivated. If you've had a less-than-ideal interview, here are a few things you can do to try and stay in the running for the new job.  

Don't stress about what's done

If nothing else, you can learn from what went wrong. Did they ask a question you weren't prepared for? Did you try to make a joke when the moment called for sincerity, or vice versa? Try to be more comfortable in your skin and your abilities, and take a moment to answer questions in future interviews by reading the room and getting a sense of whether a small joke or lighthearted answer would be welcomed or viewed as inappropriate. Reflect on where things may have gone awry and don't make the same mistakes again. Learn from everything!

Write a note

It should be standard practice to send a thank you note, typically by email these days but a handwritten note is a nice touch, to thank your interviewers for their time and consideration. If you made a big misstep, this is a chance for you to gently apologize for the mistake, but you don't need to rehash everything and you can address it lightly and then move on to talking about why you're even more interested in the company after meeting them. Show that you're still interested in the position and express your gratitude for their understanding. 

Ask for feedback

If you learn you didn't get the job, or if you felt comfortable with the interviewers before things went off, ask for feedback. It's a learning process; ask them what you can do better in the future and where things might have been handled differently. The person, or people, you interviewed with might have some great advice to share on how to improve your presentation and preparation to make a great impression and your next opportunity.

Keep practicing and doing your homework

The one thing you cannot do is hide from making mistakes. The next time you have an interview scheduled, spend a little more time learning about the company, the position, the industry and other topics that might come in handy.

Work with a staffing agency to get more tips and advice

If you're still feeling disappointed that things didn't go well, why not work with a professional who can help you build your confidence and refine your interview answers? Benefit from our experience and expertise to give yourself all the advantages for your next interview!

LaborMAX wants to put you back to work!

Job searching is hard and can be really stressful. A bad interview that wasn't perfect can feel like a major setback, but it doesn't have to be. Take a look at the jobs we're working to fill today, then send us your resume and we can help you find something great. Call LaborMax today to learn more! 

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