How Can I Get a Job Fast?

Posted on 04/13 by Erin Helms

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Need a job? Need one fast? Speedily finding a job is not the easiest thing to do, but with effort, you can find one that suits your needs. The trick is to optimize your job search to speed up the process. The following steps can help you find a job quickly.

Go After Jobs That Fit Your Qualifications

To start, only go after jobs for which you are qualified. Continue to apply for jobs in your desired field or industry, but widen your search. Take a second look. There might be jobs posted that you did not apply for originally but deserve a second look because they meet your needs. Do not forget to look for positions in your company and plan to make a lateral move if and when you have a year of employment. Make applying continuous, even if a company contacts you for an interview. You might not get the position. You might get multiple offers from which to choose.

Improve Your Cover Letter and Resume

Time is scarce, so hiring managers only look at resumes briefly. Please optimize each cover letter and resume you send to get hiring managers' attention instantly. Keep it brief, easy to read and memorable. Tailor each cover letter and resume for each job for which you apply. Explain why you want to be an employee of the company and summarize your qualifications. Highlight the experience and skills that fit the requirements. Limit your work history to the past five to seven years to keep things clear and concise.

Engage Your Network

Ask for help. It is an effective and fast way to get a job. Talk with others in your field at events or online. Contact former colleagues and ask your family and friends if they know of any positions. If you know anyone who works for a company that holds your interest, ask them for tips on applying. Your chances of landing an interview will increase if you know what skills, experiences and personality types a business seeks. Ask them for a referral or a recommendation. Reach out to your college alumni, professional associations, and former colleagues.

A Temporary Position, Perhaps?

Contract and temporary positions are an excellent way to help you fill an employment gap while searching for a permanent position. Temporary positions have multiple benefits, including: The hiring process is fast You can go to interviews when you need to, as these jobs are usually flexible You can meet people in your industry while learning about long-term opportunities You might get a promotion to permanent status With a temporary position, you can manage your expenses until you find a job you enjoy. If you are drawn to a temporary position, you can get a great one now at LaborMAX.

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